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Ashburton Rd, Glen Iris

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A new two storey residence on a sloping block for a young family with pre-teenage children looking to build their dream home and designed for the long haul.

Architecture is a process that as a necessity draws upon the past and one’s life experiences to inform the built form response. Drawing upon the many attributes of one the greats, Frank Lloyd Wright, a North American architect, we have thoughtfully composed a design which illustrates our favourite aspects of his work and adds contemporary technologies and sensibilities to the outcome.

The home reads as single storey when viewed from the street and mirrors the significant slope of the land through a horizontal plane to form the roofline. Within these planes sits the two storey component and bulk of the house. First floor sleeping zones offer abundant north facing views whilst providing a full length and expansive width deck for elevated entertaining. This deck also provides fixed shade to the ground floor and incorporates expansive sliding glass panels, blurring the boundary between outside and in.