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Moray St, South Melbourne

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Masked behind an ornate façade within an intact heritage streetscape in South Melbourne is a home that breaks many conventions of the traditional terrace house renovation.

Our office has undertaken many renovations to houses within heritage overlays requiring the retention of the façade. Often this means retaining the first two rooms, with more design freedom to alter the rest of the property. This project differs. It allowed us to remove the first two rooms and associated hallway to make a large living space warmed by a central suspended fire place and articulated by a rich-grained store box. The space defies expectations and flows well to the other living spaces on the ground floor.

Stepping down to the rear at ground level, the kitchen area opens out to the small yet functional yard via a counter-balanced glazed "fire station" door. Upstairs, three bedrooms and a large bathroom complete the home. Fresh paint colours differentiate each bedroom, satisfying the children’s wishes and personalising the result.