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Munro St, Kew East

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Friends become clients and clients become friends. Some friends from childhood reached out to us in the mid 1990s. They sought to transform an original Sixties single storey into a contemporary two storey home, while leaving the front of the house untouched.

The corner block’s prominence made the articulation between old and new particularly important. Rescode planning controls influenced the initial external shape, which we then developed to suit the design concept, orientation and chosen materials.

Bespoke touches include cast in-situ concrete bench-tops, curved continuous stainless steel handrails and an all-encompassing skylight over the stairwell. It was a pioneering project for this office, exploring many components which have now become standard for us - items such as Ezi Jamb door reveals, double glazing, heating and cooling systems, and bespoke joinery details.

The elderly couple next door were always ready to talk. We discussed the project quite a lot, and it was fascinating to hear their evolving opinion of our 'modernist’s exercise'.