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Artists’ Residence, Yellingbo

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A unique regional home built for two artists to live in, and work.

Being an Architect is a little like fatherhood - you’re not supposed to have a favourite child. At Yellingbo it comes close. Close in that, when critically reflecting upon each project I complete, I ask myself what could I have done better? At Yellingbo Artists’ House, the end result is one of harmony between many forces. The strong artistic direction and pedigree of the clients and their needs, balanced with our driving ethos of `fashioning architecture out of considered space.’ This is a mantra I have adopted since the inception of our firm and to which our commitment is unwavering.

Yellingbo Artists’ house is a work of art in which all other art is housed. It is testament to a strong Client-Architect relationship, project management and delivery skills and a desire to create something beautiful.

The residence featured in season 2, episode 8 of Grand Designs Australia.

The home sits on approx. 1.4 acres with the house sited on the portion of largely flat land facing on the front boundary. The floor plan layout incorporates a zone for resting and a zone for working. Joining the two zones is an expansive living / dining / kitchen space featuring a polyurethane membrane and suspended French fireplace. The space overlooks a glorious black tiled pool and life-sized sculptures dotting acres of lush green landscape, which is added to and replenished as an ongoing project.