photo shows exterior of building with cladding detail

A new face

The reinvigoration of a tired 1980s office building will add decades to its life.

Off-grid in the highlands

Miles from the nearest amenities and 800 metres above sea level, this 38 hectare Newbury site was conceived as an off-grid hideaway.

Inverloch house

Inverloch retreat

Understanding and appreciating the complexities of a rural site was the first step in transposing the brief onto tracing paper.

Elwood skylighting

Stairwell + lightwell = dwell well

Flights of stairs can be one of the trickiest parts of a house to plan. They take up a large volume and leave only awkward triangular spaces beneath. They do have their perks though (other than the obvious).

kitchen design

The cook and the architect

Designing a kitchen can be a science in itself, and for Michael, it offers the opportunity to blend two of his passions – cooking and architecture.

modern rear townhouse

One site, two faces

This two townhouse development offers two completely different architectural outcomes: a heritage cottage and contemporary townhouse.

Yellingbo house

A house for artists

This artists’ house in rural Yellingbo is a work of art and incorporates a zone for resting and a zone for working.

rooftop living

Mixed development “shop-top”

We have created a building built for the long haul in terms of its exposure to the nearby coastline, investment streams and workability.

Study at Yellingbo

Beyond 2020

2020 has been a watershed year for how we think about our home. We have a new appreciation for our living space and the role it plays in being our haven as well as the place we work, from both a physical and technological perspective.