Beyond 2020

2020 has been a watershed year for how we think about our home. We have a new appreciation for our living space and the role it plays in being our haven as well as the place we work, from both a physical and technological perspective.

Inverloch Bw Interior 13 350x500, Michael Ellis Architects
Inverloch varied living spaces.

For meaningful remote working there is now a consideration for a dedicated study space that is closed off from the rest of the home, minimising background “walk-bys” and other visual or noisy interruptions during video calls.

This doesn’t mean that a space saving “study area” has had its time; rather attention needs to be put towards the purpose of a “study” – how and why it will be used.

And in the same way, design needs to factor in a technological solution beyond a reliance on mobile devices. A client needs to consider how much emphasis there needs to be on expanding wi-fi capability – should the home be wired in the same way a small office would be wired?